« To capture the light is a challenge as well as to photograph the wind. »

I used to collect butterflies and bugs and dreamed to become an entomologist. By the age of 15, I expected to watch these animals alive in their natural environment and decided to immortalize them in pictures ! Therefore, I discovered macrophotography and the challenge to capture nice images of fast flying "stars".

Photography became a passion that extended from butterflies and flowers to any kind of natural landscapes and architectural design of buildings in the cities.

For almost 30 years I made slides. It created my specific approach of photography : graphic composition, framing and exposure need to be right as soon as I press the button on my camera. I kept this discipline with digital photography although I optimize some pictures by reframing them. But, I am not a "photoshop" addict and I keep the original snapshot in 99% of cases.

So far, I only shared my pictures with my family and friends. This web site is a new step, and a different way to share my vision of the places I visited. I try to capture lights or to find new photographic perspectives and sometimes " to frame the wind "...

To frame the wind is my photographic challenge. Because the wind is likely to be the last thing one can take a picture of, even though one can freeze with a camera the impact of the wind on a tree, a wave or a cloud.

Frame the Wind is my way to tell : The humbleness of a photograph who expects to share his vision should remind him that what is essential is invisible to the eye !


My first camera was a Nikkormat EL, then I became a Nikon addict : Nikon FE, Nikon FE2, Nikon FA, Nikon F4. I reluctantly switched to the digital cameras, but I quickly discovered the technical opportunities it meant to develop limitless creativity.

Since I did not digitalized my slides yet, the images presented on this site were made with the following cameras : Nikon D200, Nikon D300s and Nikon D800. I currently use 2 lenses only : AF-S DX Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED and AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR Ⅱ.

In many instances, specially when you do not intend to take pictures, your reflex cameras are at home, and you miss great snapshots ! Therefore, I have 2 complementary cameras in my pockets : Canon PowerShot S100 - Lens 5x 24 -120 mm f/2 -5.9 and my smartphone iPhone 6.

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